I’m proud to serve my hometown community and will continue to work hard for the people of Comstock Township. Now in my third term, one of my top priorities continues to be dedicating more resources to road repairs and maintenance. My other top priority is more funding to update and modernize our parks and green space.


I was first elected Treasurer in 2012. Along with eight years in the job, I’ve worked hard to keep up to date on the latest education and training.


I’m proud to be a lifelong resident of Comstock Township and am dedicated to continuing my family history of public service by helping to make our community a safe, strong, and prosperous place to live and work.


During my time in office, I’ve earned the trust and respect of fellow township officials and treasury professionals from around the State. I’ve also been chosen by my peers to serve in various leadership positions.

To watch your Township government in action, check out our board meetings on the first and third Monday of the month. For dates, times, and how to watch, head to our website www.comstockmi.gov. Thank you for your support.